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Julio Rosas is a United States Marine and Writer​. 

Personal Life

Rosas lives in Washington, D.C.​ He is a self-described Meme​ Economist​. His political views are Republican​ and Conservative


Rosas joined the United States Marine Corps​ in the Summer of 2015. 


Rosas is a staff writer for IJR, a Bipartisan news site aimed to provide accurate information from all sides of the political spectrum. [2]​ He has written in defense of Brett Kavanaugh​ following his Supreme court​ confirmation. [2]​ 

He has also been critical of Hillary Clinton​ and other members of the Democrat​ party including Senator Mazie Hirono​ from Hawaii​.[2]

Rosas also speaks out against Political correctness​ measures such as a university's decision to ban Clapping​. [2]

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