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Julia Salazar (born 1990) is a Colombian American community organizer in the city of Brooklyn. [1] [2] [3] [20] She is first-time candidate running as a Democratic socialist in the primary against incumbent state Sen. Martin Malave Dilan of New York's 18th State Senate district. [4]


Salazar was born and raised in the country of Colombia and as a child, she and her family moved to the United States. [5] When they arrived they settled in the South Florida area. [6]

During her early life, she faced challenges as an immigrant child, yet her parents and other members of her family would eventually received their U.S. citizenship. [7] By the time she was 14 years old, she began to work in the service industry of her hometown of South Florida. She also took up jobs as a barista and also worked as a cleaning lady. [8]


By the time she graduated High School in 2009, she knew that she would make the move New York City in order to attend her top choice, Columbia University. [9] [10] Her experiences at the university opened her eyes to what would come later in her career as a politician. She studied Middle Eastern studies and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree. [11]

While attending Columbia college, she also worked as a nanny on the Upper West Side, using the income to pay rent and other expenses not covered by her scholarship. [12]

During college, lived in Harlem in a building owned by a notoriously abusive landlord who neglected his tenants and ignored their complaints. After shivering through a winter without heat, Salazar and her neighbors took matters into their own hands, organizing a rent strike. [13] After three months, they won concessions in housing court. But when her lease was up a few months later, her landlord hiked the rent and priced her out. This experience has led her to fight for people in similar situations regarding the housing in her district and other parts of New York in her first political campaign. [14]


She is currently a Community organizer for Jews for Racial and Economic Justice. [15]


New York's 18th congressional district

In 2018, Salazar ran against incumbent state Sen. Martin Malave Dilan of New York's 18th congressional district. [16] She has attained the support of another candidate, Cynthia Nixon. She is a first-time candidate running as a Democratic socialist. [17]

As an advocate, a tenant, a feminist, a democratic socialist, a union member, and a proud daughter of working-class immigrants, Julia has spent her life fighting for social justice in her community. [18] By bringing people together to demand change, Julia is the leader we need to make New York City a safer, more just, more welcoming place for everyone. [19]

The 18th State Senate district covers much of North Brooklyn, including Bushwick, Williamsburg, Greenpoint, Cypress Hills, East New York, Bed-Stuy and Brownsville. Tonight, Salazar will be in Bushwick at Starr Bar for an interview and campaign fundraiser. [20]

Salazar is centering housing justice in her campaign to represent a district containing neighborhoods like Williamsburg and Greenpoint that, by some measures, have experienced the city’s most severe gentrification. [21]

She has since giving several speeches and talks. [22] [23]

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