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Juli Briskman is a 50 year old mother of two and government contractor. [1] [9] [5]


Juli worked at a govenrment contracting firm called Akima. Prior to that, she spent eight years working in the U.S. State Department between 2001 and 2009. During that time, she was based in Kazakhstan and Latvia . [6]

She teaches Yoga part time. [6] [7] [10]

After being fired from Akima, she said she may look for a new job at Planned Parents. [6]


Briskman attended Johns Hopkins University , Georgetown University and Ohio State University . [6]

In the Media

On October 31st of 2017, Juli Briskman was photographed giving the middle finger to the presidential motorcade as she was riding a bicycle. [2]

Juli's employer deemed that it violated their social media policies after she had posted it to her Twitter and Facebook accounts. [1]

However, Ms. Briskman said she had emphasised to management that she had not been in working hours when the photograph was taken and had not mentioned her employers on the social media pages. [1]

Ms. Briskman also alleged that a male colleague was allowed to keep his job after deleting a post deemed as offensive in a separate incident. [1] The Director she mentioned had called someone a "Fucking Libtard Asshole" on Facebook . [6]

When asked if she regretted it, she said "I'd do it again". [4] Briskman also said that she participated in the Women's March after Donald Trump inauguration, standing outside the CIA building with a sign that said, “Not my President.” [6]

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