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Juliet Casteneda (better known as Juju or Juliet C, born on March 21, 1985)[36] ​ is an American actress​, author​, model, realtor​, and business owner​. She the former girlfriend of famed rapper Cam'ron. She is currently on the VH1 show Love and Hip Hop.

Juju and Cam'ron were famous for heavily expressing their relationship on Instagram. [1]


Youtube Video
Juju uploads a video in Spanish to remind everyone that she is of Cuban descent

Juju was born Juliet Casteneda to Cuban parents in Brooklyn, New York. She grew up in Miami, Florida​ and moved to Orlando when she was 16 years old. Many know her as "The Chocolate Cuban Bombshell." [3]


Love & Hip Hop

Juju's intro video for Love & Hip Hop ​ (Season 8)

Juju is currently on the VH1​ show Love and Hip Hop. [3] She appeared in Season 7 of Love & Hip Hop: New York in a supporting role and has been a cast member since Season 8.

Candy Jewels Hair Company

In June 2012, Juju started Candy Jewels Hair Company, an online company that sells luxurious hair.​ They offer 100% Virgin, Malaysian, Brazilian, and Peruvian hair. [34]

Secrets of a Jewel (Book)


On August 15, 2017, Juju published her book Secrets of a Jewel. [23] ​ The book tells the stories of 13 different women struggling in their relationships, one girl represented in each chapter. [22]

Based on the advice she used to give on Instagram ​on the JuJu Jewels, she was inspired to write down some of the answers to questions asked by her audience in book format. [22]

Personal Life

Relationship with Cam'ron

Juju first met Cam'ron​ in 2002. [11] ​ They dated for over a decade before they broke up in 2017. [6] ​ It was publicly revealed she was single after Cam'ron's new girlfriend Roxy dissed her on Instagram. [5] [6]

In an interview with The Breakfast Club, Cam'ron said that it was a mutual break-up. From his perspective, the relationship changed once Instagram​ came out and he felt like he was promoting her too much on the platform. [26] ​ In his own words, he said: [26]

Basically, it just stopped being fun. You know, when Instagram came out, it was fun in the beginning. Then it started getting serious. "Why you follow her?" or "You like that person's picture," or "People are saying this," and I'm like, "Yo, you gotta be my best friend still [...] That's what I'm in it for. I always told myself, "You gotta be my best friend," and that was my best friend for years. But it just stopped being fun, and I think she felt that way, too."

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