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Juana Le Peque

Juana Le Peque

Juana "Le Peque" was born in Hidalgo, near Mexico City. “La Peque,” which means The Little One, joined the infamous Mexican cartel after the thugs murdered her brother, according to Mexican media. [1] Juana became pregnant at 15 by a man 20 years her senior. To support herself and her child, she worked as a prostitute – until delving into the dangerous cartel world.

Cartel Years

Juana said she got her start as a ‘halconeo’ – a lookout for police and army patrols, according to Central European news.

Her job entailed standing at a lookout point for eight hours at a time.

If she failed, Juana said she was tied up and fed a single taco per day.

During her time working for the cartel she bore witness to a host of gruesome moments, including a man’s head being smashed open with a mace.

Juana ‘insinuated’ at having ‘had sex with the cadavers of those decapitated, using the severed heads as well as the rest of their bodies to pleasure herself'.

Prison Sentence

‘La Peque’ is still awaiting sentencing in California.


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