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Joyner Lucas

Joyner Lucas

Joyner Lucas is an American Hip-Hop artist from Worcester, MA. [0]

Social Media

Joyner Lucas recorded a rap video titled "I'm Not a Racist", which featured a rap battle from a Donald Trump supporter against an African american man. The video was extremely controverisal since the Trump supporting white man frequently exclaimed the word "nigger" in his rap battle. [8]

There were many historical socioeconomic issues discusses in the battle, including the fact that the grandmother of the black man was a Slave. [8]

At the conclusion of the video, the two can be seen giving each other a heartfelt hug and connecting on an emotional level.


Artistic Style

Joyner Lucas has a rapid flow, speaking on conscious topics.

[1]He raps with clarity and complex rhyme schemes.


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