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Jourdan Sloane is an American Blogger ​, Fashion designer ​, and Traveler ​ known for her Diy ​-style publication, The Limit Does Not Exist. [1] [2] [3]

Photo of Jourdan Sloane while in South Africa ​.


Sloane was born and raised in the state of Connecticut ​ for most of her life. [4] ​ She lived in the city of Avon, and also graduated from Avon High School. [5]


After graduating high school, she attended Marist College ​ where she graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts ​ in Fashion/Apparel design. During this time in college she worked in New York City as an intern while also ensuring that she does well on her midterms. She was also in the Sorority: Alpha Sigma Tau. [6]

Photo of Jourdan Sloane taken while she was in Los Angeles, California ​.


During and after college, Jourdan continued to dedicate her time and passion in pursuing a career in the fashion world. She interned for a few designers in New York City after college, and also tried a hand at other jobs related to the fashion industry. In the end, she decided that living the life of a 9-5 individual wasn't for her. [7] [8]

She ended up asking herself: "Why am I doing this to myself? For what?" After saving up enough money over the years, she decided to go on a travel journey to a few cities around the world. She traveled to China ​, Bali ​, Australia ​, and Greece ​. She shared most of her experience through her Instagram ​ and blog that she would later call, The Limit Does Not Exist, which allowed her to gain several thousand followers on Instagram. [9]

Photo of Jourdan Sloane sunbathing in Miami, Florida ​.

This gave Jourdan the confidence to continue Blogging about her travel and fashion projects. [10]

The Limit Doesn't Exist

During her travels to other countries, she decided to start her own blog called The Limit Doesn't Exist. The blog has since grown into a publication of its own that has collaborated with Coach, Revolve, Maybelline ​, Marc Jacobs ​ and a few others. [11] [12]

Jouardan has also made contributions to publications such as Teen Voices ​, Nylon ​, Refinery29 ​, and InStyle. [13]

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