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Jour Majesty

Jour Majesty

Jour Majesty( ǰawr mæǰəsti) is an American Indie folk band founded in 2012. The band is essentially singer/songwriter/producer Michael C. Perry (vocals & guitar) and some gifted musical cohorts. The band members rotate depending on who is on/off tours with other acts. Jour Majesty debut EP, Three Winks, was released in 2014 by 3 Cords & a Hook studios and received wide acclaim on Pandora and airplay in the USA and UK. [0]

Style / Theme

Jour Majesty’s musical style is described as country-tinged folk within descriptive story song lyrics.

The band uses a combination of folk, electronic and traditional country instruments—pedal steel guitar, accordion, synth along with electric and acoustic guitars.

Jour Majesty’s story song lyrics reveal complex relationships sandwiched within simple melodic choruses.



Jour Majesty, founder (Michael C. Perry) is a combination filmmaker, music producer, and artist.

He was born in Long Beach, California in 1961 and later moved to Huntington Beach, California where he attended Edison High School (Huntington Beach, California).After graduating Edison, Perry attended the University of Southern California and graduated with a degree in Cinema and Critical Studies of film. He soon began directing television commercials and music videos and later migrated to sound engineering and record producing. Jour Majesty is best known for combining his music within short narrative musical films. In 2016, he was nominated for multiple awards for the animated musical, “Empty Box of Wine.” The film won BEST SHORT at the London International Short Film Festival, BEST ANIMATION at the Action on Film International Film Festival and SPIRIT OF THE FESTIVAL award at the Twin Falls Sandwiches Film Festival. In 2017, his comedy musical, “The Extravaganza” won at the Northern Virginia International Film & Music Festival. [5]


Recently, Jour Majesty teamed up with choreographer, Lane Napper from the TV show Victorious and iCarly, along with actors/dancers, Matt Wiercinski and Cooper Flanagan to produce the film, The Carnival Kid. The short dance musical is a throwback to the Technicolor musical of the 1940’s and 1950’s. The film’s narrative, written by Joey Fama, revolves around Jour Majesty’s song, The Carnival Kid, from their 2017 EP, Tanner Street. [-1]The film has played in multiple film festival across the USA with numerous awards and acclaim. Jour Majesty is currently in the studio producing his next project, Youthful Faces, scheduled to release in 2019.


Three Winks (2014)

Home Duet (2015)

Empty Box of Wine (2015)

Tanner Street (2017)

Meet me at that Tree (2018)

In the End (2018)

Short Musical Films

Empty Box of Wine (2016)

The Carnival Kid (2018)


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