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Josip Radeljak Dikan

Josip Radeljak Dikan

Josip Radeljak "Dikan" (b. 1943) is Croatian entrepreneur well known for his playboy lifestyle that included marriages and romantic relationship with some of the most glamorous actresses of Croatia and Yugoslavia.

Josip Radeljak was born in the city of Split. When he was eleven months old, his father was killed. His mother Gjermina remarried and had another baby - his stepbrother Željan Radman.

Josip Radeljak grew up in Split, where he finished high school, gymnasium and ultimately graduated civil engineering at University of Split. In 1960s he was better known for his musical career, mainly playing in local pop band Batale. His stepbrother Željko later founded Mlade Batale band, which would become known as Magazin. Two brothers also founded and ran Semafor, which was one of the most popular night clubs in 1960s and early 1970s Split. Following the conflict with Yugoslav Communist authorities over his performance in church, he decided to emigrate to Italy.

In Italy Radeljak started a construction business, at first working mostly in country's south.

The business gradually grew and he took part in various construction projects in Nigeria. In 1980s he began to import PVC from Jugovinil chemical factory in Kaštela to Italy.

His business ventures were, however, shadowed by his private life.

In Italy he met Beba Lončar, Serbian actress who enjoyed successful career in Italian cinemas. They married and in 1982 they had son named Leon. The marriage began to fall apart in 1980s, and divorce was finalised in 1994 after bitter custody battle over Leon, which Josip Radeljak ultimately won.

In 1990s Josip Radeljak began secret romantic relationship with Croatian actress Ena Begović. In June 2000 he married her, and only a month later couple had daughter named Lana. On August 15th 2000 Josip and Leon were involved in car accident which ended with Ena Begović's death.

In 2004 Josip Radeljak became the enaged Croatian singer Vlatka Pokos. The marriage started in 2006, but soon fell apart in spectacular fashion, with both spouses accusing each other of abusing or neglecting Lana Radeljak. Not even the formal divorce in 2007 ended the very public feud between two former spouses, documented by Croatian tabloid media.

In 2009 Josip Radeljak began romantic relationship with actress Dolores Lambaša. It ended shortly before Lambaša's 2013 death in car accident.


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