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Joshua Kehm

Joshua Kehm

Joshua Kehm is a San Antonio, Texas Independent School district police officer. Before his position as a district police officer he was a non-lethal weapons instructor for the United States Air Force.


On March 29, Pulse Orlando Shooting (2016) he is shown in a YouTube video that went viral on Social media body slamming a 12-year-old girl on her face.The video uploaded shows the police officer struggling with Janissa Valdez, a sixth grade student at Rhodes Middle School.

Students watching were laughing, but not for long after Joshua Kehm, lifts her up with ease and slams her down in a violent swoop, smacking her face on the floor.

The student suffered a swollen bruise near her right eye after her face hit the brick floor.Officer

Kehm has been placed on paid administrative leave while the school administration and the district police investigate the video.


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