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Josh Murphy is an American College Student ​ at Tufts ​ and the son of New Jersey ​ governor, Philip D. Murphy ​. [1] [2] ​ During the inauguration of of his father becoming the Governor, he used the The Circle Game " OK "  hand gesture. [3]

Photo of Josh Murphy throwing down another hand symbol.


Early Life

Born in the city of Berlin ​ and raised in the state of New Jersey ​, he was raised by parents Philip D. Murphy ​ and Tammy Snyder Murphy. [4] ​ He grew up mostly in the city of Red Bank. [5] ​ He is the eldest of his three siblings: Emma (16), Charlie (14) and Sam (12). [6]

While at Phillips Academy Andover ​, he became the captain of the Men's Soccer team. He is class of 2015. [7]


After high school, he started his college career at Tufts University ​ where he is currently studying International relations ​. He was also a part of the soccer team for his first two years of college and played a total of 2 games. [8] [9]

Gif of Josh Murphy when he pulls out The Circle Game ​ hand gesture

Got Em' Ok hand Gesture

On the night of his father being swore in as the governor of New Jersey ​, Josh used the OK hand gesture that was visible to the cameras and the people present as he stood on the other end next to the priest. [10] ​ The specific OK hand gesture he pulled out was a reference to the circle game which has recently become a popular meme shared online. [12]

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