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Joseph Haynes

Joseph Haynes

Joseph Haynes

Joseph Haynes

Joseph Haynes was a resident in the state of Ohio. [4] [2] [0]

Personal Life

On his social media profile, Haynes went by the moniker Joey Fuzz. [5] [4]


On Wednesday, January 17, 2018, died from his injuries after being shot inside the Franklin County courthouse early in the afternoon. [4] [2] [0]

Haynes was there for a hearing related to menacing with a firearm and a court-ordered monitoring device. [4] [2] [0]

Officials stated he was shot in the abdomen during an altercation involving his family and a deputy where the deputy got knocked to the ground and one shot was fired. Haynes was taken to Grant Medical Center where he was pronounced dead. [4] [2] [0]


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