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José Sedek

José Sedek

José Sedek [1] (Barquisimeto, Lara (state), Venezuela,November 25, 1983). He is a Venezuelan actor and host with Lebanese and Spanish descent. He currently plays Bernardo Castillo in El Señor de los Cielos.[2]


From an early age he shows signs of his artistic vocation, captivating his family with small monologues and theatrical performances at school.

In 2001 he began to conduct Tus mañanas son por DAT TV.

After a few months in this program she decides to travel to Italy to study scenic art at the Scuola di Recitazione del Teatro dell'Orologio (2003-2005). While there she is part of the dance team of the NTSC Club, performing electronic and classical music, as well as participating in show rooms. After some time, she returns to her country, where she joins the Luz Columba Theatre School founded by the master Nelson Ortega, and obtains the tools of the effortless Truth acting method. After 3 years of this process of growth and practical and theoretical expansion, Sedek decides to venture into other methods, going to take workshops in Venevisión, Ralph Kinnard (Actors Studio), Felicia Canetti, Hector Manrique, among others. After an extensive training round in the capital of his country, he moves to Colombia where he decides to continue his training as an actor and film director.


After his time in the TV series called "Los muchachos de la acera de enfrente", as the protagonist, Sedek had a couple of short characters in soap operas of Radio Caracas Televisión RCTV, C.A., and in plays directed by the master Daniel Uribe, such as "El teatro del Autobús" "Las vacaciones del ogro" and "19 de Abril el ejemplo que Caracas dio", to this we add some short films both professional and university that he had the opportunity to star.

In 2008 he participated in "El gato tuerto" and in 2010 he participated in "Que el cielo me explique", among other dramatic productions.

She participated in soap operas for Caracol Televisión (Rafael Orozco,el ídolo, Tu voz stereo, Mujeres al límite) and Canal RCN (Sala de urgencias, Chica vampiro, Tres Caínes).

He has participated in more than 20 plays, soap operas, short films, commercials and in several advertising campaigns, being the image of Gillette, Lubriderm, Sony, Águila, etc. He has been an event presenter for Sony, Bose, Coca-cola and Procter & Gamble.

Projected as a filmmaker, he has written and directed more than 15 short films, El tren de Karina, Interno, Perdón, Lo que vales, Amor de mi vida, Chantilly, Soy, Sueños de colchón, Repeat, Amor Mayor, among others.

He has also directed 4 plays in Short format, Blessed and Fortunate, The Great Easter, Uncomfortable Thoughts and Sleep My Child.

He currently lives in Mexico City, where he is working on different projects for the Telemundo, where he played Diego in La querida del Centauro, and is currently playing Bernardo Castillo in El señor de los cielos.

Events and editorials


  • Coca Cola.

  • Nestlé.

  • Lounge Area.

  • Xavia.

  • Liberty Insurance.

  • The forward-looking.

  • PDVSA.

  • Runway.

  • Fashion Circle Bogotá, 2011.

  • Biglidue.

  • Mercedes-Benz Fashion Show.

  • Fashion Week Caracas, 2009


  • Gente Rosa Magazine.

  • Exclusive Magazine.

  • OD.

  • Exclusive Magazine


PDVSA,Green Spot, Rs21, MaxNegocios, Gillette, Lubriderm, GxUomo, Decameron Panama, Claro, Poker, Aguila, Bimbo, Hugo Boss, Calvin Klein.


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