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Jorge Luke

Jorge Luke

Jorge Luke (Mexico City, Mexico, 1942 - August 4, 2012) Mexican actor and musician. Born in Mexico City and graduated from the National Autonomous University of Mexico School of Architecture[1]. He worked as an architect and draftsman for the famous architect Artigas and did an internship at Frank Lloyd Wright's office in Chicago in the 1960s.

Relevant Facts

Jorge Obscura Lango, is his real name.He

was born in 1942, he studied architecture at the UNAM and in his youth he was part of the group Los Rippers as a singer and bass player, then bass player of Los Cinco, but then he left the group when he started his career as an actor in a brief uncredited appearance in the 1969 film Siempre hay una primera vez. However,

his first acting success would come with his participation in the play Zarathustra (1970), based on Friedrich Nietzsche's Thus Spoke Zarathustra, and written and directed byAlejandro Jodorowsky which was a scandal at the time, The show was performed with completely naked actors, including Luke himself, Carlos Ancira, Héctor Bonilla and Isela Vega, with whom he began a romance that would last five years and with whom he would have his only daughter - Shaula - as well as adopting the son that Isela had with singer Alberto Vázquez, Arturo, as her own[2].

Jorodowsky's work ends up opening the doors to cinema for Luke since, immediately afterwards, he shoots three decisive films in 1971: El jardín de tía Isabel by Felipe Cazals, El sabor de la venganza, chili western by Alberto Mariscal and where he shares a set with Mario Almada and Las puertas del paraíso, a film for which he receives an Ariel nomination in the category of best actor.

The following year he receives his first opportunities in Hollywood with The Revengers and Ulzana's Raid by Robert Aldrich, alongside Burt Lancaster.

Other important films in which he participated are Jorge Fons' Five Thousand Dollars Reward (1974), Arturo Ripstein's The Holy Office (1974), Sergio Olhovich's The Encounter of a Lone Man (1974), Foxtrot (1976); in which he works with figures such as Peter O'Toole, Charlotte Rampling and Max Von Sydow, The White, the Red and the Black (1979) by Alfredo Salazar and Ignacio Vazquegómez Castro; La guerra santa (1979) by Carlos Enrique Taboada, La ilegal (1979) with Lucía Méndez and Sunburn (1979)[3] with Joan Collins and Farrah Fawcett, with whom he would begin a brief romance.

In the 80's he is hired to film films from Italy, France and the Soviet Union, in films with locations in Mexico, as well as participations in other American films; in one of them directed by the prestigious filmmaker Oliver Stone (Salvador, 1986), his last international film would be Clear and Present Danger (1994), with Harrison Ford and Human Persecution (1999).

In Mexico he continued to work on class B films and towards the end of his career in video homes.

He also worked in television; he is remembered as the main villain of the soap opera Ellas, inocentes o culpables (2000) on Televisión Azteca.

His last work in this area was the series Soy tu fan (2010) and in cinema the film Borrar de la memoria (2010).


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