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Jorge Luis Chacín

Jorge Luis Chacín

Jorge Luis Chacín, is a Venezuelan singer-songwriter, producer and musician, his genre is translated into folk rhythms with a mix of the Zulian bagpipe. He was born on February 9, 1967 in the city of Maracaibo, Zulia, Venezuela. He is considered an artist who has been key in the development of national and international groups thanks to his ability to compose music. [1]

Beginnings in music

His love of music began thanks to his mother's mistake of leaving the cuatro on a piece of furniture in his house.

Jorge Luis loved the sounds coming from such an instrument that he started practicing with it.

His parents, delighted with their son's talent, decided to support Jorge by enrolling him in private music schools.

Later, he studied at José Luis Paz, a conservatory located in the city of Maracaibo, where he dedicated himself to learning double bass, solfeggio and theory for five years.

Jorge Luis Chacin is considered one of the most complete Venezuelan artists on the music scene.

A singer-songwriter, producer and brilliant musician, he defines each of his creations as a fusion of musical styles including his beginnings on the Zuliana bagpipe (a style of music originating in Venezuela), along with other Latin and Afro-Venezuelan influences represented as universal poetry through pop melodies.[2]

Jorge Luis Chacin's journey through different musical groups

His musical career began with the group Menguao, where he stood out for his participation as a singer and quartet player, then he joined Chekére's group to contribute as a bassist and singer, which is making Jorge even more known in the artistic environment.

His experience in the musical area led him to work as musical director of the band Carángano for a period of seven years, then he joined the group Bachá in mid-2004.

Later on, he belonged to the Super Band of Venezuela better known as Guaco, in which he worked as a bassist for eight years.

Jorge Luis Chacín's Musical Career as a Soloist

His first solo album was published in 2008, entitled "Tengo", with the participation of various artists such as Voz Veis and Guaco. Discography announced under the signature of the record company Anes Records, which has singles like "Tú tan solo tú", "Tengo que soñar" and "Vivir de Ilusiones".

His musical repertoire is characterized by the instruments and rhythm used, which are emblematic in his native country, showing that Jorge Luis Chacín is strongly rooted in the traditions of his land.

Later, in mid 2014, he reported on his new album, called "El color de mi locura" (The color of my madness) under the company DNR Music. This album has different musical themes such as his successful songs "Canta", "Quédate" and "Tú naciste para mí"

This work was positively accepted by his fans, which led him to be nominated at the Latin Grammy Awards in the category "Best Contemporary Tropical Album". This affirms his conviction to leave his country's roots high, that effort and perseverance pays off.

Jorge Luis Chacín as a composer

His career as a composer has been notorious, because he has worked with artists of national and international stature such as Ricardo Montaner, Thalía, Andrés Cabas, Chenoa and Ricardo Arjona. In which his work has been awarded a nomination in the Latin Grammy for his composition "Gift" for the artist Ray Ruiz, who wrote in conjunction with Fernando Osorio.

He participated in the group Guaco, writing his musical themes in which the rhythm of the bagpipe predominates, which is traditional in his city of origin. Among the singles he composed are "Todo quedó quedó", "Si usted la viera", "Como es tan bella" and "Amor de primavera".


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