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Jorge Jove (Hialeah, FL)

Jorge Jove (Hialeah, FL)

Jorge Jove is a retired Firefighter from Hialeah, FL. [1]


Jove worked for 34 years as a firefighter with Miami-Dade fire rescue. [2]

June 19 2017 Shooting Incident

The YouTube video

The YouTube video

His EMT License

His EMT License [5]

AT&T employee Derrick Taylor's' truck was shot by Jove because it was parked near his property. Jove was upset that would not move until they were finished with the repairs. A worker was stranded in the truck crane bucket during the incident. [1]

Jove shot both trucks several times (18 shots total [4]) with his revolver, including their engine blocks and tires.

Taylor filmed the event.

Jove been charged with two counts of felony vandalism and two counts of aggravated assault with a firearm. [2]He was booked into jail Wednesday evening and released Thursday after posting a $30,000 bond. [4]


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