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Jorevis Scruggs

Jorevis Scruggs

Jorevis Scruggs was a 15 year old student from St.

Louis, Missouri.

He attended Vashon High School as a 10th grader until January, when he was transferred to Innovative Concept Academy, an alternative school.


On April 19, 2016 Scruggs was fatally shot by a St. Louis police officer after a chase on the cityโ€™s north side.

He was shot in the 3200 block of St. Louis Avenue around 11:30 a.m.

Jorevis was a passenger inside a car, which was reported stolen Monday night in a carjacking, officials said.

Officers spotted the car just before noon and pursued it for about two minutes.

Police said the driver stopped in an alley behind the 3200 block of St. Louis Avenue, between Bacon Street and Garrison Avenue, and let Jorevis and a back seat passenger out before taking off again.

The two ran in different directions, police said, but not before Jorevis pointed a handgun at an officer.

One officer shot Jorevis.


Scruggs' cause of death was a single shot to the back.



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