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Jordan Matson

Jordan Matson

Jordan Matson (born 1987) is a Wisconsin native and volunteer fighter for the Kurdish militia, People's Protection Unit (YPG).

Matson left his home in Wisconsin in 2014 at the age of 27 for a flight to southern Turkey.

There he was guided into Syria and led to Kurdish-controlled Syrian territory to join the Kurdish militia, YPG.

Matson was one of the first Americans to fight in Syria for the Kurdish militia.

He fought for 9 months with the YPG before returning home to Wisconsin. There has been skeptical discussion whether Matson is really an FBI informant working out of Syria in Kurdish controlled areas. [citation needed]


Matson left Syria in 2015, traveled into Iraq and flew to Sweden.

In Sweden he married a woman he was speaking to previously. The couple expect their first child in June 2016. His wife is Muslim and of Swedish descent.


"As long as our government is willing to turn a blind eye on some of these atrocities, for whatever reason they want to keep to themselves, Iā€™m going to stand up for them."


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