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Jordan Lupu

Jordan Lupu

Jordan Lupu is co-head of global prime brokerage at BMO Capital Markets, the investment banking arm of the Bank of Montreal.


Lupu owns a $3M home in the West Village and a $1.5M home in Westchester, Connecticut.



Lupu is a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Class of 1996.



Lupu has 9 years' experience as a broker.

Before joining BMO Capital Markets, Lupu worked for Lehman Brothers.


Lupu passed the National Commodity Futures Association exam in July 2013.


Personal Life

Lupu is married with two young children.

He is a big fan of Fantasy sports.


Theft From Whole Foods

In February 2017, Lupu was arrested for shoplifting from the Whole Foods Market on Greenwich Street, very close to his $3M home.

He was attempting to sneak 31 items out in his children's stroller, with his two children in side.

Lupu's attorney says he was not attempting to shoplift, but was merely checking the price of an item.

Employees of the location say the store is frequently targeted by shoplifters.


Lupu was given 6 months probation.



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