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Jonathan Yantis is COO of OPSkins , [3] and COO of WAX (Worldwide Asset eXchange) . [8]

OPSkins is the world’s largest centralized marketplace for virtual items from wildly popular titles such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS, and many others.

OPSkins recently launched WAX, the world’s largest decentralized marketplace for video game virtual items. WAX will operate without investment in infrastructure, security, or payment processing. As such, its low cost to users will increase market liquidity and size.


Jonathan created virtual item trading in 1997, with its inception taking place in the realms of Ultima Online, Everquest & World of Warcraft. [4] [5]

Later, as founder of the world’s first and fastest growing digital item marketplace, Jonathan oversaw a merger with then-industry giant Internet Gaming Entertainment. After managing the growth of joint operations to $1 billion in revenue, he successfully exited in 2009. [5]

An early Bitcoin miner and Blockchain investor, Jonathan was a board member of the first ICO ever, Mastercoin. Its initial 5,000 bitcoin backing was valued at USD $500,000. Mastercoin, a digital currency and communications protocol, is built on the bitcoin blockchain, and serves as a pillar of cryptocurrency.

Shortly afterward, Jonathan backed the Ethereum ICO. The decentralized virtual machine supports P2P contracts with its cryptocurrency, ether. Initial funding included a public crowdsale in July and August 2014, with participating investing a combined USD $18,439,086 worth of bitcoins. By May 2016, ether’s market capitalization was valued at more than USD $1 billion. In addition to serving as a cryptocurrency, Ethereum is used as a distributed application platform by leading companies, including Microsoft, IBM, and JP Morgan Chase.

Before it all, Jonathan's career began as a US Navy weapons electronic engineer.

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