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Jonathan Cruz

Jonathan Cruz

Jonathan Cruz, born 1997, is accused of going on a four day murder spree, inspired by the 2014 film titled The Purge.

He first killed Billy Boyd- his grandfather- on May 12th of 2016 on 40th Street and College Avenue.

Four hours later, at 5AM he murdered Jay Higginbotham on the 900 block of North Denny Street and on May 15th he murdered Jose Ruiz inside his car on 16th Street and Linwood.

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When his mother asked him where he was, he sent her an article about one of his murders [-1].

Similarly, he told his girlfriend to watch his killings on Facebook [-1]and that he purges "every night". He faces over a dozen charges in Indianapolis.

According to court documents, he was also known as "Sav Hunna".


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