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Jonathan Stein

Jonathan Stein

Jonathan "Jon" Stein is an American Entrepreneur and CEO. He is founder of Betterment, an automated investing service.

Early Life and Education

Stein is originally from Dallas and attended St. Mark's School of Texas. [1] He became and undergraduate student at Harvard University and graduated with a degree in economics. He earned his MBA in Entrepreneurship and General Management from the Columbia Business School. [1] In addition, he holds Series 7, 24, 63, as well as is a CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst).


Jon and his child

Jon and his child

After graduating from Harvard, Stein worked as Manager of Business Development for Kennedy Information before joining First Manhattan Consulting Group.

He consulted for several years on Wall Street and in August 2008, used his experience to launch Betterment, a company which specializes in "smart investing." [1] At Betterment, Stein leads in managing more than $2 billion in 93,000 accounts using index funds and an automated allocation system, based on an investor's risk tolerance and time horizon.


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