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Jon McNaughton

Jon McNaughton

Jon McNaughton is an American painter living in Utah.

[0]Many of his paintings include figural representations of leading politicians, the Founding Fathers of the United States and common folk.

The scenes include nationalistic depictions: a male or female soldier by the flag, armed pioneers and Native Americans in a Western scene, white people "under God", a series of religious scenes, landscapes, and his most famous painting of white people and historic figures in front of the Capitol Building with Barack Obama standing on the U.S.


Fox News commentator Sean Hannity bought that one.

His works include symbols of Americana and appeal to traditional themes of patriotism, Christianity, anti-Globalism, anti-corporate greed, and anti-Left politics.

McNaughton's painting Liberalism is a Disease features prominent Democrat politicians and media personalities.

He also has one titled Obamanation and another titled Con-artist featuring Hillary Clinton.

McNaughton has a Bachelor of Fine Art from Brigham Young University.


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