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Joker 305

Joker 305

Lawrence Sullivan, (born January 11, 1988) better known as Joker 305, is an American instagram Personality and Meme based in Miami, Florida. He is known for his Joker-inspired tattoos on his face.

Life and Activities

Smoking a cigarette

Smoking a cigarette

Sullivan was born January 11th, 1988 in New York City and is the youngest of 5 children. He is of Peruvian descent on his mother's side and Irish descent on his father's side. Due to his mother having Multiple sclerosis, his family moved to the Miami suburb on Kendall, Florida. Sullivan grew up in a strict household with his Irish-Catholic father at the helm.

Sullivan was first introduced to the Joker watching Jack Nicholson's portrayal of him in the 1991 rendition of Batman. In his youth, he played football, baseball, and basketball. Sullivan dropped out of school in 8th grade and began to sell drugs to support himself. The only legal job he had was being a sign spinner for a local massage parlor. In his late 20's, Sullivan trained to be an MMA fighter.

Joker Face Tattoos

On October 14th, 2015, Sullivan's best friend was killed after being shot 20 times.

Around the same time, Sullivan's later to be ex-girlfriend got an abortion behind his back and in a fit of rage during an argument, attacked Sullivan with a knife, leaving scars on his hand and arms.

This dark period inspired Sullivan to transform into the Joker character.

His tattoo artist, Bam Bam, documented his transformation on video.

He has spent $3000-$5,000 on his facial tattoos.

Criminal History

In 2013, Sullivan was busted for possession of marijuana. In May 2017, he was arrested for carrying a concealed weapon. Police found a Smith & Wesson.380 on him after their were reports of a man with facial tattoos pointing a gun a cars passing on the street. Eight days later, he was arrested again for marijuana possession. Commenting on Sullivan's arrest, his mother said "He's a good kid. You know. He has a lot of tattoos. But he's a nice kid with some problems. He is mentally disabled and is handicapped." Sullivan has a GoFundMe to raise money to help pay for his court costs as well as invest in his music career. [1]

Feud with Boonk

While in jail, he crossed paths with Boonk who did not leave a positive possession on Sullivan. He would later accuse Boonk of stealing his Joker style after Boonk began to post Joker-inspired videos on his Instagram. Sullivan has since challenged Boonk to a fight and has released a diss track "Fuck Boonk."


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