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Joi Harris

Joi Harris

Joi "SJ" Harris was an African-American professional road racer.


Harris began motorcycle riding in Brooklyn, New York, where she soon took a liking to and developed a true talent for the spot. In 2013, after putting in a staggering 1,500 training hours, Harris became the very first licensed African-American woman eligible to compete in the American Motorcycle Association races. [1]

She suffered an injury in an on-track crash while she was preparing for her first race.

She was required to hold off her professional debut until 2014.

When she was cleared to finally race, she began competing in the American Sportbike Racing Association/Championship Cup Series.



On August 14, 2017, Harris was killed while filming Deadpool 2 in Vancouver, Canada. [1] She went airborne while performing a stunt, her bike crashed through the glass of a ground-floor studio inside Shaw Tower near Jack Poole Plaza. Witnesses say she never applied the brakes. [1]


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