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Johnny Blazes & The Pretty Boys

Johnny Blazes & The Pretty Boys

We rock out on soul, funk and Motown – plus a few songs we've decided to restyle into one of those genres -- done genderqueerly, flamboyantly, with more sequins and glitter than your retinas can handle.

In essence, we are everything you’ve come to expect from Johnny Blazes as a singing vaudevillian… but LIVE!

Formed by vaudevillian performer Johnny Blazes as a way of bringing the traditionally pre-recorded, karaoke or lip-synching art of drag into the realm of live music, Johnny Blazes and The Pretty Boys have been bombing East Coast audiences with their glitter-filled, horn heavy sound since 2011.

For their first two years of existence, The Pretty Boys covered classic soul and funk songs with an unapologetic flamboyance and verve.

The band also used its powers of soul to cover songs in other genres, including artists that range from Frank Zappa to Spinal Tap, and to re-define those tunes with their own horn-heavy sound.

Now, entering their fourth year, The Pretties are blasting audiences with an all-original book, starting with the February 2014 release of their single/b-side, Blue Skies.

The band is co-run by Johnny and their dad, affectionately known in Boston music circles as Darth Blazes, or simply, Pops, and the band's new tunes are co-written by the flaming duo, with input and authorship from other members of the band as well.

In their first two years of existence, The Pretty Boys have been honored to perform at the first ever North Shore Gay Pride Festival in Salem, MA, at The Hynes Convention Center as part of First Night Boston, as well as at clubs, theaters, and fundraisers throughout the Boston area.

The Pretties specialize in playing shows that bring them back to their drag/burlesque/circus roots.



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