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John Cramsey

John Cramsey

John Cramsey is owner of Higher Ground Tactical gun range. He lives in Zionsville, Pennsylvania. [6]

In June 2016, Cramsey was arrested in the Holland Tunnel while heading to New York City with Kimberly Arendt and Dean Smith to rescue a heroin-addicted teen from a drug den.

A police officer stopped his truck for a cracked windshield and found a cache of weapons and ammunition.

Cramsey made it his mission to save addicts after his daughter, Alexandria, died of a heroin overdose in February 2016.

He has started a Facebook group called Enough Is Enough to further his mission. He has gone on similar "rescue missions" before. [4]

Police seized a shotgun, an AR-15 style rifle and handguns, along with goggles, tactical gear, ammunition and knives, an ammo-box labelled “Shoot your local heroin dealer” and a bag with the label “firearms instructor”.

Some of Cramsey's gear had the word “police” written on it.

One of the gun magazines seized had the word “’merica” on it and another said “United We Stand.”

Police also found 2,000 rounds of ammunition.


June 2016 marks the 4-month anniversary of Cramsey's daughter's death.



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