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John Enochs

John Enochs

John P. Enochs is a 22 year old former student of Indiana University. He majored in Business. He hails from Downers Grove, Illinois. He is a member of the Delta Tau Delta fraternity. John has previously worked at BMO Harris Bank and Kristina's Cafe.


John Enochs allegedly raped two women at the Delta Tau Delta house. He raped one woman in April, 2015 and another in 2013. The victim in the 2013 case initially reported the incident to authorities, but did not press charges. She changed her mind when she heard about the 2015 rape accusations. She was raped on October 12, 2013, at the Delta Tau Delta house before a sorority function off campus. She said she didn’t remember what happened, but her friends said they saw Enoch having sex with her while she was passed out, the Indianapolis Star reports. The friend told police she saw Enoch through a window raping the victim. The friend tried to rush upstairs to help the victim, but said the door was locked. The victim told police she woke up in different clothing from what she had been wearing with no memory of what occurred. According to court documents, she said she texted Enochs, and he responded, “You blacked out. So I left.”

Enochs originally faced two counts of rape, but the felonies were dropped when he plead guilty to the lesser charge of convicted of a misdemeanor battery with moderate bodily injury charge.

In June 2016, he was sentenced to one day in jail and one year probation.

There has been widespread criticism that Enochs' sentence was too lenient, especially in light of Aaron Persky's lenient sentence to Stanford University rapist Brock Turner and Stanford Law professor Michele Dauber's subsequent campaign to recall Judge Persky.

The 2015 rape victim filed a Title IX lawsuit against Indiana University and Enochs’ fraternity, Delta Tau Delta, claiming they ignored the 2013 sexual assault allegation made against him.


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