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John McAfee Global Technologies Inc (MGT)

John McAfee Global Technologies Inc (MGT)

John McAfee Global Technologies Inc is a cybersecurity-based company which previously operated under a different name since January 2000.

On May 9th, 2016 the company named John Mcafee as CEO.

Mcafee moved to acquire D-Vasive a company that produces software that protects cellphones, on May 9.

Before the shift, the company focused on online games such as slots simulator SlotChamp and had a 10% stake in daily fantasy site DraftDay.com.

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As of May 2016, MGT stock is one of the most actively traded in all of American publicly traded stock having increased in value by over 1,600% in the past 6 months and over 1,000% in May 2016 alone.


In conjunction with these major announcements, MGT also struck a consulting agreement with Future Tense Secure Systems Inc., a technology incubator founded by John Mcafee.



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