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John Gabbana

John Gabbana



John Robert Hill Jr aka John Gabbana (born August 3, 1996) is a Instagram star turned rapper whose Instagram account earned him more than 4 million followers before it was deleted. He released the single "Muttin" on iTunes in July of 2017. He was formerly known as Boonk Gang.[1]



John posted a screenshot of himself Facetiming with Fatboy SSE and launched his YouTube channel BoonkTv and Twitter account in January of 2017, a month before becoming active on his far more popular Instagram account.[9]

John released his own video game in 2017 called, “Boonk Gang: The Video Game” on both ios and android platforms.

In autumn of 2018, John officially rebranded and become John Gabbana, leaving his past life behind and moving forward into more serious music.

It obviously took a while before people took him seriously under his new name, due to the image he created for himself under his original moniker.

On November 23, 2018, John released his debut album, Gabbana Attack [5]

After the release of his debut album, John eventually head back to jail for 2 months, but this time around the experience would be very humbling for him.

He grew a better understanding of God due to his cellmate, which ultimately helped him get off drugs as he now found a new way to cope with his issues.

On April 8, 2019, John signed his first record deal.

He signed to Island Records[6], a record label owned by Universal Music Group[7]. [27]


Gabbana is acquainted with Fatboy SSE.



John's songs can be easily accessed on YouTube[11], Deezer[13], Soundcloud[12] and other online media outlets.

Play With They Nose (feat.Black $neak)Play With They Nose (feat.Black $neak)2020
About To be RichAbout to be Rich2020
Back to BusinessBack to Business2019
Goin UpGoin Up2020
iGabbana Attack2018
Boonk GangBoonk Gang2017
On Da BlockOn Da Block2017
Not A sad SongNot A sad Song2020
OutdatedGabbana Attack2018
VentinDat Boonk Gang Shit2018
Back 2 BefreGabana Attack2018
WassupDat Boonk gang Shit2018
Green GoblinDat Book Gang Shit2018
Bossed UpDat Boonk Gang Shit2018
So U Wanna PlayDat Boonk Gang Shit2018
How I MoveDat Boonk Gang Shit2018
FWMDat Boonk Gang Shit2018
Back From the DeadDat Boonk Gang Shit2018
Neva LackDat Boonk Gang Shit2018
Calabasas ArrestDat Boonk Gang Shit2018
Let's Get ItDat Boonk Gang Shit2018

Social Media

John has a over 300,000 followers on Twitter[14], Facebook[15] and Instagram[16]


John's astrological sign is Leo. His Instagram account, “@Boonkgang”, which he had grown to about 5 million followers, got deleted after he decided to show a live video of himself, having sex with a stripper, on the app. [8]

John has 11 different Tattoo s on his body[10]


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