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John Davitt

John Davitt

John Davitt is the chief Meteorologist working with Spectrum News NY1.

Personal life

He currently lives in New York City, John graduated from Kean University with a Bachelor's degree in Meteorology. He also enjoys running, cycling, and swimming and has competed in the NYC Triathlon and the NYC Marathon. John also enjoys spending time with his wife and two sons.


John became interested in weather at the age of 13 at Boy Scout summer camp, while working on the weather merit badge.

He remains an active member of the Boy Scouts.

Prior to NY1, he was a forecaster for NBC’s Today Show.


Some of his most memorable weather events include the summer of 2011 when temperatures hit 104 degrees.

It was the second-hottest day in NYC history.

Also, the tornadoes that tore roofs off of houses in Brooklyn in 2010 stand out. [2]

John enjoys forecasting the weather and keeping New Yorkers prepared for the elements.

"It’s exciting to see how fast the weather can change and it’s satisfying knowing that in a small way I can help our viewers".

From hurricanes to tornadoes to blizzards, meteorologist John Davitt has weathered every kind of storm in his 20-plus years with NY1.



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