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Joey Medina

Joey Medina

Joey Medina, once a professional boxer, who fought for the world title and a former police officer, Joey now has hold of the comedy world. Latin Heat magazine calls Joey "the new Freddie Prinze" while Latin Style magazine says "Joey is one of the few comedians that can bridge together urban with mainstream comedy to make his style a hit throughout the country. From headlining at New York City's famous Caroline's Comedy Club to performing at San Jose's 20,000 plus capacity Shoreline Amphitheater, Joey Medina commands on stage. Along with headlining almost every major comedy club in the country, Joey Medina has performed throughout the world from Bosnia to Egypt for the U.S. Military. Joey Medina is a veteran of 16 television shows, including A&E's Evening at the Improv to The Roseanne Show. In 1996 Joey Medina won the "Master's Video, Comedian of the Year Award." In 1998, released his award winning comedy album, "Below the Belt." Joey was also hand picked by fellow comedian Paul Rodriguez to join his very successful national comedy tour. And in the year 2000 alone, he performed to nearly 100,000 laughing fans. He can also be seen starring in Paramount's motion picture "Original Latin King's of Comedy" with Cheech Marin, Paul Rodriguez and George Lopez and "Devil's Knight" directed by Quan Phillips. Joey Medina is also rated the #6 Latin comedian in the country and the And now, after having written his first screenplay "El Matador" and making his directorial debut, Joey is already showing signs of success, behind as well as in front of the camera. Joey swept the 2002 8th Annual East Los Angeles Chicano Film Festival by winning Best Film, Best Director and Best Acting awards. Randy Warner, Director of Television for John Wells Productions says, "Joey Medina is the next biggest talent to emerge from the shadows of the Hollywood community. Joey has demonstrated his abilities as a talented director, writer and producer along with being an outstanding comedian and actor. As a television executive in Hollywood, I have no doubt that Joey Medina's phone will be ringing off the hook in the coming months." With several other scripts being written and two television projects under development, this young comedian looks like he has a long future ahead of him. [1]


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Jan 23, 2016, 1:01 PM