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Joey Grassia

Joey Grassia

Joey Grassia is the Founder of Kutoa Health. [undefined] He is based in San Francisco. [undefined] Grassia was selected to the Forbes 30 Under 30 list in 2017 for the Food & Drink category. [1]


Grassia attended the University of California, Los Angeles where he was a part of Phi Kappa Psi, Bruin Consulting, Undergraduate Business Society. [undefined] He graduated cum laude with honors in 2009 with a degree in International Development as well as studied Chinese. [undefined] In 2007, he studied abroad at the National University of Singapore. [undefined]


Early in his career, Grassia worked at Facebook and led Strategic Client Services for Global Marketing Solutions. [undefined] He founded two companies after leaving Facebook, including Dapper Goat Social Media and KUTOA Health Co. [undefined] In 2016, Grassia founded Steamm a high quality espresso delivery service that caters to offices located around Silicon Valley. [1]


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