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Joe Moses (Rapper)

Joe Moses (Rapper)

Joe Moses (born January 1, 1985) is an American rapper from South Los Angeles, California. In June 2020, he released his new mixtape, Westside 2.


Joe Moses signed to Bricksquad Monopoly (BSM) alongside Ice Burgundy and Rosemo 700 (deceased) of Neighborhood Piru.

Joe Moses is the CEO of record label All Out Bosses Entertainment. He affiliated with the West Side Van Ness Gangster Bloods set of the Bloods, a Los Angeles based organized crime group.

In 2011, Joe Moses released The Streets (album), along with a single “Go Bitch” (“Go Girl” radio edit) which received heavy rotation on local radio stations (especially LA Power 106).

The album has guest appearances by Waka Flocka Flame, Ty Dolla Sign, Compton Menace, and G. Malone.

Joe Moses has collaborated with artists includinh BIG Wy, YG 400, Jay Rock, Kurupt, Jaba, Iggy Azalea, E-40, Snoop Dogg and The Game. Joe Moses featured on Ty Dolla Sign's single “Paranoid” which received national media attention. In 2013, Joe signed a 1.6 million dollar deal with Pinnacle Records.

Joe Moses has appeared in many several rap magazines and websites including LA Weekly; Top 5 Rappers in LA, and Complex; Top 10 New L.A. Rappers To Watch Out For.

Westside 2

In June 2020, Moses released his new mixtape Westside 2, a follow up to the first installment which featured Future (rapper), Metro Boomin, and Young Thug. Westside 2 is out via ArtClub International, Empire, and Moses’ label N.W.B. It features Eric Bellinger and N.W.B. artist Waseem.[26]

Ayana Rashed, Respect-mag.com contributor, wrote about Moses' release:

Westside 2 is led by “Really Out Here,” a cutthroat record with tenacious lyrics that Moses has been known for since inception, proclaiming that he’s really what he raps about and is a respected member of his community.

He switches his flow on “FWU,” a track with longtime collaborator, Grammy winning songwriter/singer Eric Bellinger.

The sensual lyrics with a Drake-inspired reference is about affection toward a love interest.

Moses links up with his N.W.B. artist Waseem twice for the gritty “Stop Playin” and the boasty “Lear,” where both rappers are going back and forth on the beat, the latter being a classic West Coast cruising record.

Westside 2 ends with “What They Want” a powerful track and visual depicting what we are going through today.

Released just last week, the ominous production allows Moses to drop potent lyrics depicting the struggles of minority people as he says “lock us up we don’t know nothing,” and constantly asking the self-reflecting question “what they want from you” to honor the lives lost due to police violence, including the late George Floyd whose death has caused international uproar and an uprising of many people across the nation.[26]


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