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Joao Bruno Putulukeso (Black Hitler)

Joao Bruno Putulukeso (Black Hitler)

"Black Hitler" at the Jordan River in Israel

"Black Hitler" at the Jordan River in Israel

Joao Bruno Putulukeso is a Pastor and political candidate for the True Finns. He is lives Vassa, Finland but is originally from Angola. [1] He has been dubbed by the media "Black Hitler" due to his appearance and ultra-nationalist views.


Putulukeso immigrated to Finland from Angola and has been employed as a machine worker for 10 years at HANZA Finland, an Industrial Engineering company. Joao is also a Protestant Pastor. He is married and has two children. [1]

Political Candidacy and Positions

Putulukeso is running for local office in the Vassa municipal district under the banner of the True Finns. His political positions include assimilating immigrants and having them become active members of society instead of just depending on welfare. Putolukeso strongly believes in family values with marriage only being between a man and a woman and plans to listen to the Church's needs. He is a staunch advocate of protecting the environment and wants to export Finnish environmental knowledge to Africa.

The True Finns decided to run Joao to wash away its racist image and to appear more moderate.

Putulesko's campaign slogan is "love is the weapon of victory."

The elections take place April 9th.


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