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Joanna Griffiths

Joanna Griffiths

Joanna Griffiths is an entrepreneur and public relations expert based in Toronto. He is the Founder and CEO at Knix. [0]


Early in her career, Griffiths worked in National Media and Artist Relations for Universal Music Group, Media Relations for the Toronto International Film Festival, and was a Promotions Manager for CBC Television working in the Communications, Brand and Marketing Department. In 2011, she was the Director of Business Development at Bre.ad which would later be acquired by Yahoo! [1]

Griffiths would launch Knix in August 2012 and creates high performance intimate apparel for women.

The company currently sells a line of underwear, bras, tanks, t-shirts and loungewear.

[0]The brand has KnixWear targeted towards women and knixteen which is targeted to the teenage demographic.

[1] [1]


Griffiths attended Queen's University and earned a Bachelor of Commerce with Honors in Marketing in 2005. She completed her MBA in International Business with distinction from INSEAD. [0]


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