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Joan Steffend

Joan Steffend

Joan Steffend is an Emmy Award-winning Television host, Public speaker, and Author. She was the host of the legendary

Television show Decorating Cents on HGTV.


Before becoming an award-winning tv personality, Joan had worked for several News stations as a Reporter and Anchor- where she would interview, write, and produce content throughout the years in the Minnesota area.

In May of 1997, she became the host of Decorating Cents which would go on to have more than 400 episodes on HGTV. The show ended its run n 2007. In the show, Joan showed homeowners how to decorate rooms for only $500.

She has since co-founded companies, including her production company, Moving Pictures LLC.

She has also written books about her spirtual work and has done Public speaking for various places.

Early Life

Born in Cambridge, Minnesota, she grew up Acting in school plays.

She would perform on stage in college at the University of Minnesota Duluth, in Summer Stock, and, finally, at Warner Brothers Film Actors Workshop in Los Angeles, California.


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