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Jimmy Naraine

Jimmy Naraine

Jimmy Naraine is an award-winning Educator, Entrepreneur, and Adventurer.[666666][666666]



His LCourses Online were purchased by 180,130 people from every single country on the planet Earth, received 23,000+ official top ratings, and were mentioned by Forbes, FoxNews, Entrepreneur & Business Insider.


After working for companies such as Allianz and Goldman Sachs he fully dived into entrepreneurship.

Since then, Jimmy has explored 76 countries while building educational content.

He runs personal development training programs for companies and consults entrepreneurs on building online courses.

Jimmy also runs adventure masterminds for business owners and regularly hosts and presents at prestigious events such as Digital|K, MindvalleyU, DNX, and OCR European Championships.

Jimmy InterViews top performers in their fields including Bestselling Authors, Special Forces Soldiers, UFC Hall of Famers, Entrepreneurs, and Artists. Those deep-dive conversations serve as a springboard to explore human potential.

In the past, Jimmy used to suffer from debilitating confidence issues.

Now, his mission is to help millions of people to overcome anxiety, build confidence, and tap into their true potential.


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