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Jimi Tewe

Jimi Tewe

Jimi Tewe is the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer (MD/CEO) of Inspiro Consulting, a Career Services & Human Resource Management firm based in Lagos State, Nigeria.

Jimi Tewe, a firm believer and a has a hard-to-find track record in his different background experiences working in consulting firms, banks and a non profit organization.

Jimi became the Senior Manager of one of Nigeria’s top five banks in only five years after National Youth Service Corps this is very unique because this should take 13 years to accomplish going be the normal career progression.

Jimi Tewe is an astute writer and he has authored 3 books

  1. Where Did All My Money Go
  1. Getting a Good Job Easily
  1. Free from Corporate Slavery

Jimi has got immense passion for youth hence he's got diverse materials to help young people go beyond the skies.

Jimi Tewe is an ambodiment of style and class he is an advocate for people's development, he's a coach, inspirational speaker, and a mentor to lots of people.

He is curretly a Pastor with KingsWord Ministries International.


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