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Dr. James Stoppani, Jr. (13 January 1968) is a kinesiologist ​; bodybuilder ​; author ; health ​, fitness ​, and nutrition ​ expert and consultant; and founder of JYM Supplement Science, his own eponymous ​ line of nutritional supplements ​. Stoppani is also a contributor to Muscle & Fitness ​ and Bodybuilding.com ​. [2] [3] [4] [5]

Early Life and Education

Stoppani grew up in Torrington, Connecticut ​, and began bodybuilding ​ as a teenager ​, for which he won several regional awards. [14]

Stoppani earned a Bachelor of Science ​ degree in Athletic Training ​ from the University of Connecticut ​ in 1990, followed by a Master of Science ​ degree in Exercise Science ​ from Georgia Southern University ​ in 1993. Stoppani returned to UConn ​ to pursue a doctorate ​ in Exercise Physiology ​, which he completed in 2000. [5]

From 2000 to 2002 Stoppani worked as a postdoctoral ​ researcher in the John B. Pierce Laboratory ​ at the Yale University School of Medicine ​, where his research into the effects of nutrition ​ and exercise ​ on gene regulation ​ in muscle tissue ​ earned him the Gatorade ​ Beginning Investigator in Exercise Science ​ Award from the American Physiological Society ​ in 2002. [2] [3] [5]


During his time at Yale ​, Stoppani wrote articles and sent them to renowned bodybuilder ​ and fitness publisher Joe Weider ​, who then hired Stoppani away from academia ​ to serve as Senior Science Editor ​ at Weider Publications ​, whose titles included Muscle & Fitness , Men's Fitness , and SHAPE . Some years following Weider Publications' acquisition ​ by American Media, Inc. ​, Stoppani felt alienated by the new corporate ​ culture and decided to strike out independently. [14]

Stoppani has written thousands of articles on health ​, exercise ​, and nutrition ​, and runs his own website, JimStoppani.com, where subscribers can access hundreds of customized exercise and diet plans. Stoppani maintains a very active and robust presence across the major social media ​ platforms, and is known for answering all his followers' questions. Stoppani has also worked with celebrity ​ clients including Dr. Dre ​, LL Cool J ​, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson ​, and Mario Lopez, and has appeared on television programs ​ including NBC ​'s Extra and Spike's Jesse James Is a Dead Man and Manswers .​ [1] [2] [3]


Stoppani created his own line of nutritional supplements ​, JYM Supplement Science, that contain his own custom, proprietary macronutrient ​ and micronutrient ​ formulations. JYM Supplement Science products are currently sold at Bodybuilding.com ​, GNC, and Amazon. [2]


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