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Jim Cummings (born 1986) is a film producer operating out of Los Angeles, California .[1]

Early Life & Education

Jim Cummings attended Metairie Park Country Day School and started the film club there with his friend Seth Satterlee. He moved on to Emerson College where he earned a Bachelor of Arts in film/cinema/video studies. Jim is a licensed member of the Producers Guild of America. [6]


Straight out of school, Cummings wrote and directed the comedy/drama No Floodwall Here. He then spent a year teaching video production and post-production at the Academy of Art University. Cummings then snagged a gig on Captain America: The Winter Soldier working nearly 80 hour weeks for Industrial Light & Magic. His next job was with San Francisco 3D Films as a producer and creator, working on several stereoscopic 3D features and commercials. [6]

Cummings produced, wrote, and starred in Woodhead Entertainment's first long-format film, This Is Jay Calvin. Shortly afterwards he produced the movie The Grief of Others in Nyack, New York. Not long after that Jim got a job at CollegeHumor managing budgets, booking crews, worked with brands, and making funny videos. Since then he's producer and written various films, commercials, and shorts for major production companies including Ornana Films, William Morris Endeavor, Here Be Dragons, Vanishing Angle, and more. He runs a viral production agency with a few friends called Unison LA [6]

Awards & Accomplishments

Cummings' Thunder Road won the Sundance 2016 Grand Jury Prize. It was also nominated for the Independent Spirit John Cassavetes Award. Cummings has been nominated by or won awards from the following organizations:[1] [3]


Film Role Date
Thunder Road Producer, Director, Writer, Actor, Editor 2018
Hydrangea Director, Writer 2017
Minutes Director, Writer, Actor 2017
Still Life Director, Actor 2017
The Mountains of Mourne Director, Writer, Actor 2017
It's All Right, It's Ok Director, Writer 2017
The Robbery Director, Writer 2017
Us Funny Co-director, Actor 2016
The Flamingo Director, Writer, Producer, Editor, Sound Editor 2012
No Floodwall Here Director, Writer, Producer, Editor 2010
Brothers Director 2009
Beast Beast Producer
In a Silent Way Executive Producer
June Executive Producer 2018
Pyramid Circle Associate Producer 2018
Krista Executive Producer 2016
Summer Park Producer 2016
A Morning Light Producer 2015
13 Cameras Producer, Actor 2015
Krisha Associate Producer 2015
All Your Favorite Shows! Executive Producer 2015
The Grief of Others Producer 2015
Confusion Through Sand Producer 2014
Timmy Muldoon and the Search for the Shadoweyes Bandit Associate Producer 2013
Euphonia Co-producer 2013
The Block Island Sound Actor
Greener Grass Actor 2019
XYXX Actor 2018
The Handmaid's Tale Actor 2017
Casual Actor 2016
This is Jay Calvin Editor 2014
What If Cinematographer 2013
The Magic Murder Cinematographer 2011
Ironsides Cinematographer 2009
Captain America: The Winter Soldier Visual Effects 2014
Call Your Father Assistant Director 2016
Youtube Video
Trailer for Thunder Road
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