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Jill McCabe

Jill McCabe

Jill McCabe is a doctor and politician from Northern Virginia.


Political Career

She ran a 2015 state Senate campaign in Virginia.

A large sum of her funding came from Terry McAuliffe's PAC.


She lost to Republican incumbent Dick Black.


She ran on a campaign to improve education through the opening of all-day Kindergarten and other programs for Universities to become more affordable.


He helped oversee the investigstion into Hillary Clinton's deleted emails and is also involved in the FBI investigation of Chinese investors funding McAuliffe's electric car company in exchange for visas.

The car company has received millions from Chinese investors and in public funds has yet to build any cars.

In February of 2018, the company announced its bankruptcy.

They cited negative press resulting from the investigation into Donald Trump collusion with Russia.

Personal Life

McCabe's husband, Andrew McCabe, is the FBI’s deputy director.



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