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Jhazingha-Khaliph was a studio-recording clandestine African-American Outsider music group that was primarily active from the years 2002 to 2020 with a few hiatuses. Starting with only four members in August 2002, eventually the group would turn their hobby into a multi-CD discography produced exclusively by themselves. The irony of this was that none of the four founding members were musicians. Eventually one of the four founding members departed the group and the group continued as a trio for years afterward. Then the group broke up in 2007 and the pastor of their church asked them to form a group called The Chronicles. The group reunited in 2008 and existed as two separate groups (Jhazingha-Khaliph and The Chronicles). The Chronicles then ended in 2009 and Jhazingha-Khaliph added a new member weeks later and existed once again as a quartet for eighteen months. In 2010 they reverted back to a trio and then disbanded months later in 2011. In 2015, two of the original members started the band again with a new member. There eventually became multiple different versions of Jhazingha-Khaliph as a flood of newer members came in adding more diversity to the look, sound and spirit of the band. [3]

Jhazingha-Khaliph was set apart from many other bands in the fact that it's one of the few that legally exists in several different versions.

They also divided their timeline into two eras; the Original Era from 2002-2010 and the New Era from 2011-2020.

In the midst of all this, as the band Jhazingha-Khaliph, out of the twenty group albums they recorded, they have never sold one album.

After eighteen years they finally ended on December 31, 2020.[1]

The sixteen members of Jhazingha-Khaliph were Muffy (Muffy), Ce-Line ( Ce-Line ), Pidget ( Pidget ), Lon ( Lon ), Apples ( Apples ), Foxfire ( Foxfire ), Drex (Drex), Nulejun (Nulejun), Mad Ball ( Mad Ball ), NuMe ( NuMe ), Slim Soul (Michael The Man), Peachez ( Peachez ), Pablo (Pablo Blak), EnKogKneegró (N@ELLE), Radish ( Radish ) and Shatta ( Shatta ).

Band Versions

There have been eleven official versions of Jhazingha-Khaliph, each version containing three or four members.

As of 2016, multiple versions began to exist at the same time.

VersionDates ActiveMembers
Version 1Aug 19, 2002-Feb 8, 2004Jul 14, 2019-Dec 31, 2020Muffy (Muffy),Ce-Line (Ce-Line),Pidget (Pidget),Lon (Lon)
Version 2Feb 8, 2004-Sep 23, 2007Aug 17, 2008-Jan 23, 2009Ce-Line, Pidget, Muffy
The ChroniclesOct 29, 2007-Jan 6, 2009Muffy, Pidget, Ce-Line
Version 3Jan 23, 2009-Sep 26, 2010Aug 27, 2019-Dec 31, 2020Pidget, Ce-Line, Muffy,Apples ()
Version 4Sep 26, 2010-Apr 17, 2011Apr 24, 2018-Dec 31, 2020Ce-Line, Muffy, Pidget
Version 5Apr 11, 2016-Dec 31, 2020Ce-Line, Pidget,Drex(Drex)
Version 6Apr 15, 2017-Dec 31, 2020Pidget,Mad Ball (Mad Ball),Slim Soul (Michael The Man)
Version 7Aug 1, 2017-Dec 31, 2020Pidget,NuMe (NuMe),Pablo (Pablo Blak)
Version 8Nov 13, 2015-Nov 14, 2016Nov 4, 2017-Dec 31, 2020Pidget,Foxfire (Foxfire),Peachez (Peachez)
Version 9Nov 13, 2016-Dec 31, 2020Pidget, Muffy,Nulejun(Nulejun)
Version 10Aug 6, 2018-Dec 31, 2020Pidget, Muffy,EnKogKneegró (N@ELLE)
Version 11Aug 30, 2019-Dec 31, 2020Pidget,Radish (Radish),Shatta (Shatta)


Jhazingha-Khaliph has recorded twenty group albums during the years they were active.[2]

AlbumDates RecordedPersonnelSong Listing
Demo ModeFeb 2004-Mar 2004Muffy (Muffy), Ce-Line (Ce-Line), Pidget (Pidget)
  1. Go
  1. Faster
  1. Random
  1. Dizzy
  1. The Conversion
The ConversionFeb 2004-Sep 2005Lon (Lon), Ce-Line, Pidget, Muffy
  1. J-K Intro
  1. Facing Reality
  1. Hatin' On Us
  1. Fast Friends
  1. Crazy
  1. Forbidden (Love)
  1. Voltron
  1. Go
  1. Dizzy
  1. Don't Wanna Hear It
  1. Get Up
  1. Graveshift
  1. Spoken Word
  1. The Conversion
  1. Shed No Tears For Me
  1. Whoopie Dee
  1. Scorned
  1. Separation
  1. I Keep Attractin'
  1. It's Time To Dance
  1. Faster
  1. Insomnia
  1. Do What You Need To Get What You Can
  1. Ree-Ree
  1. Waiting On The Rain
  1. Perception
  1. Beautiful
  1. Glory Be To GOD THE FATHER
  1. Random
  1. Chestnut Brown Woman
  1. Praise
  1. This Isn't A Suicide Song
  1. JESUS Has Me
  1. Saving Grace
RebirthOct 2005-Jul 2006Pidget, Ce-Line, Muffy
  1. Rebirth-Conversion Intro
  1. A Hold On Me
  1. Charmed
  1. Games
  1. Not The Same Song
  1. Hang Over
  1. Muffy On The Mic
  1. Transcendence
  1. Parallel (Remix)
  1. A Story To Tell
  1. Some People Like To Steal
  1. Don't Judge Me
  1. I’m Praying For Time
There's Nothing New Under The SunDec 2009-Nov 2009Ce-Line, Pidget, Muffy
  1. Never Forget
  1. Terminator
  1. You Die For Me
  1. Sanctified
  1. Where Did Our Love Go, II
  1. South Africa
  1. There's Nothing New Under The Sun
HymnsDec 2005-Feb 2008Muffy, Pidget, Ce-Line
  1. JESUS
  1. AMEN
  1. Keep Me Everyday
  1. Amazing Grace
  1. We've Come This Far By Faith
  1. Well I Know
CityscapeFeb 2006-Sep 2009Muffy, Apples (Apples), Ce-Line, Pidget
  1. Hang On Sloopy
  1. The Story
  1. Struggles
  1. Speak The Truth
  1. Melt
  1. Leaving Babylon
TrilogyDec 2006-Feb 2009Ce-Line, Muffy, Pidget
  1. Trilogy
  1. He's Not The Father
  1. I Surrender All
  1. Dear John
  1. Keep On Hatin' Me Baby
  1. Fallen
  1. Runaway
  1. Question
  1. Drama
  1. Stupid
  1. My Life
SynergyFeb 2009-Dec 2009Apples, Pidget, Ce-Line, Muffy
  1. Synergy
  1. Telepathic
  1. Shut Up
  1. Radio
  1. Losing Control
  1. Stay
  1. Wilma Slaghoople
  1. Oh No
  1. Lost And Found
Muffy, Ce-Line, Apples, PidgetJan 2009-Dec 2009Muffy, Ce-Line, Apples, Pidget
  1. Age Of The Chunky Chick
  1. If I'm Not The One You Love Then Who Is It (Who-Ooh)
  1. Jane
  1. Something To Tie You Over (Mama Said)
  1. Playland
  1. Gethsemane
  1. Ain't The Way It Used To Be
  1. Dark Raven
  1. Pheel
The Reason For The SeasonNov 2009-Apr 2010Pidget, Ce-Line, Muffy
  1. We Three Kings Of Orient Are
  1. Angels We Have Heard On High
  1. O Christmas Tree (Version 2)
  1. O Holy Night
  1. Let It Snow
  1. What Child Is This
The Kerim Klah RecordingsJan 2011-Apr 2011Muffy, Ce-Line, Pidget
  1. Cool
  1. Cleaning Woman
  1. JK Rockx
  1. Summer Day
  1. Myst
Centigrade & CentipedeDec 2015-Aug 2017Drex (Drex), Ce-Line, Pidget
  1. Centigrade & Centipede
  1. Can't Seem To Hold It Together
  1. Cry
  1. … And I Can't Even Stay
  1. We Can Fly Into The Sun
  1. The Destruction Of Me
  1. Release Me
  1. Shirley
  1. Not The Average Kind
  1. You Can't Go Home Again
  1. When You Sing You Better Know The Song
  1. Calicospheres
  1. To Show You That I Care
XEGhWƏRNov 2015-Jan 2018Mad Ball (Mad Ball), Pidget, Slim Soul (Michael The Man)
  1. Tony Stone
  1. Attack Of The Dead
  1. Dungeon Master
  1. Carnival
  1. Dijji Dijji
  1. Itty Bitty Baby
  1. I Am A Ghost
  1. Grey Boulders
In The Evening...Dec 2015-Nov 2017Pablo (Pablo Blak), NuMe (NuMe), Pidget
  1. Keep Telling Me All Your Business
  1. My Peace Is Thrown
  1. Sail Away
  1. If I Can't Trust You Just A Little Bit
  1. Flavors Of Love
  1. The Slow
  1. We Were The Universe
  1. Write This Song
Blind SpotJan 2016-Dec 2017Nulejun (Nulejun), Muffy, Pidget
  1. I Could Fall In Love With You
  1. That Time
  1. The First Of These Is Love
  1. Another Song
  1. Call Me
  1. Even You
  1. Your True Colors
Transitioning Thru The Nuances of Jhazingha-KhaliphMay 2018-Jun 2019Ce-Line, Pidget, Muffy
  1. Visions
  1. Love
  1. Jhazingha-Khaliph
  1. Pillow Talk
  1. The Love Is Gone
  1. Listen Up
  1. Someway
  1. Traffic
My Blood Is ChlorophyllNov 2015-Dec 2018EnKogKneegró (N@ELLE), Pidget, Muffy
  1. Science
  1. I Used To Live There
  1. Didn't Mean To Lead You On
  1. My Blood is Chlorophyll
  1. Raspberry Syrup Waterfalls
  1. The Bridge Of All Endings
TrepidatiousMar 2016-Aug 2019Peachez (Peachez), Pidget, Foxfire (Foxfire)
  1. Eye Don't Want 2 C U
  1. They Takin' Notes
  1. Days When I'm Not Me
  1. Miss Me With That
  1. I'm Not What You Want
  1. Descending Twilight
  1. I've Learned To Stay Away From You
  1. I'm Not One Of Your Kids
  1. Mend My Heart
  1. Anxiety
  1. Octopus
  1. Black Rose
JK Presents 'Pioneer' The AlbumAug 2019-PresentLon, Pidget, Muffy, Ce-Line
  1. R U Shittin’ Me
  1. They Be Plottin’
  1. I’m Distorted
  1. Cardboard You
  1. Here Come Jhazingha-Khaliph
  1. I Wish A Nigga Would
  1. Freestyle
  1. Sticky Hands
  1. What’s The Purpose Of This Call
  1. The Power Of GOD
  1. The Old Ship Of Zion
Calcified PeopleJun 2016-July 2020Radish (Radish), Shatta (Shatta), Pidget
  1. Zigga Zigga Hie Zigga Zigga Lo
  1. Leave Me The Fuck Alone
  1. Shittin' And Pissin'
  1. Nobody Likes Us
  1. Elevated Status
  1. They Came To Shut Shit Down
  1. Nothing (Calcified People)
  1. The House At The End Of The Road


Jhazingha-Khaliph has received criticism for having a non-urban sound with the beats they have used in a lot of their music, for having members not singing on key, and for trying too hard to be noticed.

Some of the band's music resembled gaming music.

Jhazingha-Khaliph was sometimes not officially recognized as a real band because they did not gig or have any outside interviews.

The band was also advised to pick a lead singer for an audience to get adjusted to their sound but they refused stating they are all equals.


Jhazingha-Khaliph was one of the longest running African-American bands in New Jersey and has recorded twenty group albums.

All the members from the beginning to the end are still in communication with the band.

Jhazingha-Khaliph was one of few groups that has successfully managed their entire project internally, including websites, social media, graphic design, copywriting, writing their own lyrics, recording their own vocals, producing most of their own music, photography, album covers and so forth.

Jhazingha-Khaliph, even with all their history, still identified as a clandestine band.


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