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Jessica Dione Stipe

Jessica Dione Stipe

Photo of Jessica Stipe that is shared on Facebook.

Photo of Jessica Stipe that is shared on Facebook.

Jessica Stipe is an American resident of the city of Gainesville known for going viral after a video of her being yelled at by a Doctor Peter Gallogly, M.D. at a hospital surfaced online. [1]


Jessica lives in the city of Gainesville, Florida and has two daughter. She grew up in the Southern United States areas of Tennessee and Florida.

Medical Harassment

The Jessica Stipe video that she shared on her Facebook account.

The Jessica Stipe video that she shared on her Facebook account.

On October 10th, 2017, Jessica and her daughter attended the Gainesville After-Hours Clinic on 926 NW 13th St. After arriving for an appointment at 6:30 p.m. at the hospital, she did a urine test with a nurse to check pregnancy and then was told to wait in the lobby until she sees her doctor.

After waiting until 7:45 p.m., she decided to ask for a doctor as she was severely in pain and had thrown up in the waiting area.

When doctor Peter Gallogly came out, Jessica attempted to explain to the doctor about her talk with the check-in lady about the waiting time and being seen in a timely manner.

The doctor then begins to complain to Jessica and begins yelling at her.

When she tries to explain to the doctor that she doesn't want to wait any longer and that she wants to go home and sleep, the doctor, Peter Gallogly, says to her, "get the hell out," and she tries to reason with him further, he says, "Get the fuck out of my office".

As the doctor holds the door open for her to leave, Jessica exits, but her daughter trails behind saying, "Mom I got it on video so it doesn't matter", she then asks Doctor Gallogly, "What's your name", at which point the doctor takes her daughter's phone and attempts to delete the video.

The video has since been shared on Social media on Jessica's Facebook.

Doctor Peter Gallogly, M.D. is being investigated by the police over the actions seen on video.

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