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Jessica Audiffred

Jessica Audiffred

Jessica Audiffred is an international touring disc jockey and electronic dance music producer from Mexico City. She has released music from several notable labels including Insomniac Records, Flux Pavilion's Circus Records, and her own label A Records.[9] Audiffred is known for her unique mix of trap and bass and some of her most popular songs include "Wasted", "Ghost Valley", and "Like What The F."[5]

Early Life and Education

Audiffred was raised in Mexico City.

She earned a degree in psychology and also studied electronic music production. She stated in an interview that while in Mexico City, it was hard for her to play music due to her bass-centric sound and found more interest outside her home country of Mexico.[8]


A picture of a Jesica Audiffred family photo

A picture of a Jesica Audiffred family photo

Audiffred experienced breakout success when Flux Pavilion signed her to his label, ’Circus Recordings.’ Her first release off Circus Records was the song “Chat Culture” which featured Jamaican singer Exile Di Brave. Initially not having any vocals, Audiffred said she "sent the song over to him to see if he could add something fresh and he totally did it. That was the missing spot on that song, a strong point of view about the society we live in today from Exile that matched the song’s dynamics.” She would later have opportunity to remix Flux Pavillion's and NGHTMRE's collab, “Feel Your Love” that was also released on his label.[8]

Audiffred has received a number of accolades from music-focused outlets.

‘Run the Trap’ hailed 2017 as “Jessica’s breakout year” and 'Audio Femme' listed her as one of the top 10 female acts of 2018.[2] In addition, ’Nest HQ’ celebrated her as a “Taste maker…soon to be a major staple in the global dance scene” while Your EDM crowned her “the Queen of Mexico’s Trap and Bass scene”[4][2][8]

She has represented a number of brands including Pioneer, Beats, Samsung and Monster.[2]

Social Media

Jessica is also popular on social media.

She has 194K likes on her Facebook [2] page, 63K followers on Instagram[9], and 14K on SoundCloud.[5]


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