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Jerry Drake Varnell

Jerry Drake Varnell

Jerry Drake Varnell is an American resident of Sayre, Oklahoma. [0] [1]

Personal Life

He attended Shawnee High School (Oklahoma).


On August 12, 2017, Varnell was arrested early Saturday morning after a failed attempt to detonate a fake bomb packed into what he believed was a stolen cargo van outside a bank in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. [1] [0]

Over the course of a months-long undercover investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Varnell made repeated statements about the extent of his hatred of the federal government. [0] [1]

In one conversation he stated that he believed in the Three Percenters ideology, a form of anti-government activism that pledges resistance against the United States government on the belief it has infringed on the constitution. [0] [1]


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