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Jerry Di (Singer)

Jerry Di (Singer)

Jerry Di (Singer) (born February 7, 1991), in Caracas Venezuela, is a famous Venezuelan singer and songwriter who has stood out within the Urban genre of Rap, Trap and hip hop

Musical Trajectory


Jerry Di (Singer) started his career after being part of various groups, including Calle Ciega and Dakata. Before launching as a soloist, Jerry was a composer and music producer for singers such as La Melodia Perfecta, Tony Boom, Los Reyes and Chris & Tato, whom he supported as much as he could to get ahead, however in 2017 he decided it was time to focus on himself and his singing career.

In the soundtrack of his childhood there are songs by Vagos y Malerantes, Vico C and Tres Dueños, urban and rebellious artists who sounded among the bustle of the popular areas of the capital. Later, in adolescence, he met the ballads of Sin Bandera, Camila and Ricardo Arjona: songs of love and heartbreak with melodies and silences that connect with the soul.

Jerry Di - Culito Nuevo (VIDEO OFICIAL)

Jerry Di - Culito Nuevo (VIDEO OFICIAL)

Jerry Di - Shorty

Jerry Di - Shorty

Jerry Di - Confuzio

Jerry Di - Confuzio

In 2018 Jerry Di released the remix version of the single "Culito nuevo 2", along with Micro TDH, Big Soto and Kobi Cantill.

The single managed to take the musician to the peak of his career, managing to surpass the success of the original version.

At the same time, he released the single "Verano en París"; followed by the singles "Shorty", "Papi cachondo" and "Confuzio", among others.

In 2018 he also released a remix of "Verano en París", which features the collaboration of Zion and Lennox with Lyanno.

In 2019 he made several collaborations on singles such as Kenser's "Respete Uteh"; also his collaboration on the track "Serendipity" by Trainer.

In 2020 Jerry Di released his next single "When", with which he gained acceptance in the music scene.

The same year he managed to be signed by Universal Music.

Jerry Di is a Venezuelan singer who has managed to work with renowned singers, in his brief journey in the music scene, obtaining wide international recognition.

Jerry Di was trapped in Barcelona in the middle of a pandemic and has not used his time in quarantine to compose, as he does not have a microphone on hand: his main ally at the time of writing.

Confinement to avoid contagion by Coronavirus (COVID-19) has served him to nourish himself with new knowledge about music, cinema and new technologies. He always tries to keep up to date with the topics that interest him, watching series, documentaries, listening to new artists and sharing content with friends, producers and directors. .[1][2][3][11][12]


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