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Jerome Dreyfuss

Jerome Dreyfuss

Jrme Dreyfuss launched his own label in 2002 with his updated vision of the handbag, making it a travel companion.

At the time, stiff bags emblazoned with brand names were all the rage.

Jrme Dreyfuss soon changed this with his relaxed designs in soft leather or reptile prints in practical and completely unique shapes.

As well as being loyal companions, Dreyfuss bags each have a different name.

Robert, Billy, Tom and Momo quickly became popular companions for arms everywhere.

Dreyfuss bags are modern and of the highest quality.

They can be carried for any occasion imaginable.

The Twee, made of lambskin went down a storm with travellers, as did the quilted Billy with shopaholics and the snakeskin Jean with party animals.



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