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Jeremy Reichberg

Jeremy Reichberg

Jeremy Reichberg is a prominent Brooklyn businessman.

Reichberg is an Orthodox Jew.

In June 2016, Reichberg was arrested in a massive NYPD corruption probe.

Reichberg had bribed officers and given them favors in return for preferential treatment.


In an interview with the New York Post, former NYC high class prostitute Gabi Grecko said that she had given blow jobs to two senior NYPD officers -Michael Milici and James Grant- at Reichberg's behest. Reichberg did not get a blow job, but was egging her on and slapping her ass while she performed. Grecko was paid $1500 for her services. [undefined]


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Citation Linknypost.comProstitute gave 2 NYPD officers blow jobs on a plane at Reichberg's behest.
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