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Jeremy Gardner is an American cryptocurrency entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist based in San Francisco. He currently lives in the Crypto Castle. [8] [10] [3] [2]


Gardner grew up in Northampton in the Pioneer Valley of Western Massachusetts. [2] He attended the Boarding school Proctor Academy and he was an AP student. [3] Upon graduating in 2010, Gardner went on to study political strategy at Bard College where he was apart of several student-activity committees as and was an avid Ultimate Frisbee player. [3] In the fall of 2013, Gardner first read about Bitcoin in a Rolling Stone piece detailing the operations of the Silk Road. [6] Curious, he bought some Bitcoin when it was at $200 and sold it when it was $1,000. [6]

Being interviewed

It was only when he transferred to the University of Michigan in 2014 and met Kinnard Hockenhull that he decided to delve into the world of cryptocurrency further. [6] A motivating factor was being disillusioned with money in politics after working a summer campaigning for Massachusetts Attorney General candidate Maura Healey. [6] Gardner joined the Michigan Bitcoin Club and would later found the College Cryptocurrency Network alongside Daniel Bloch. [3] Later to be called the Blockchain Education Network, the non-profit organization aim is to educate students about cryptocurrency and student cub affiliates have sprang up worldwide. [3] As of Septmeber 2016, Gardner still serves as Chairman of the Board. [3]

With the University of Michigan refusing to recognize a substantial number of credits Gardner had earned previously, he dropped out of school in order to pursue the College Cryptocurrency Network full-time. [3] To support himself financially, Gardner took up a job at a blockchain company that would later become Augur, a decentralized prediction platform. [6] He would be listed as a co-founder and Director of Operations. [3]

In August 2015, Gardner became the Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Blockchain Capital, a postion he held for over two years. [3] A year later, he founded a stealth blockchain startup out of Nashville focused on data securitization and auditing, SAAVHA as well as the Cryptocurrency publication The Distributed Ledger. [3] He serves as an advisory board member of the publically traded company Bitcoin Shop Inc. as well as an advisory for the Mahindra Group. [3] In late 2017 alongside Bá Minuzzi, they founded crypto venture fund Ausum. [24]


Gardner is the Co-Founder and Board Member of Unsung, a non-profit which aims to end hunger while creating a sharing economy through its app. [7] [3]

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